This website was born of a 2019 New Year’s Resolution to share my voice with the world. As I mentioned in my inaugural blog post, I’ve been through some stuff. We’ve all been through some stuff. And I think we are all just trying to make it.

Maybe you’re trying to make it through the day.
Maybe, like me some days, you try to just make it through each hour.
Maybe you’re a new parent, trying to make it through the night.
Maybe you’re going through a health crisis, trying to make it through alive.
Maybe you’re going through a career crisis.
Maybe you’re going through a mid-life crisis.
(Maybe I’m going through a mid-life crisis, and that’s why I started this webpage!)
Maybe you’re going through another kind of difficult life circumstance
Maybe you’re newly married.
Maybe you’re newly divorced.
Maybe you’re trying to make it on your own.

We’ve all got our stuff. We’re all trying to make it.

Through my blog, I’ll share a bit about what I’m trying to make it through, and I will share what I have made it through as a sort of motiviation to myself and to others. [DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert. On anything. I hope to share experiences–maybe a few tips and probably a few laughs–to a bunch of other human beings who can commiserate on making it through this crazy, beautiful thing called life.] Maybe, just maybe, this little corner of the universe, this little corner of the internet, can be a space for shared motivation, for connection, for healing, and for growth.

I’m also an aspiring writer. Writing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, and I am blessed enough to have won a few little awards for my writing over the years. I’ve finally decided to put a more concerted effort toward becoming a “real” writer, and I am currently working on a memoir and a short novel. If you are interested in these projects, and others, check out my Writing Corner, where I will start to release some pieces of my writing.

Feedback, questions, and comments are always welcome–and encouraged! Like I said, I hope this little website can be a space for everyone to share.

Let’s make it positive. Let’s make it worthwhile. Let’s make it meaningful.

Let’s make it through, together.